Why No One Takes On The Bully?

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Fear is the reason why no one takes on the bully, if they don’t have to.

Let’s face it. Bullying happens not only in the school yard or playground. It also exist in  everyday life. The perpetrator could be a boss, colleague, neighbor, or family member.  The consequence is all too familiar – everyone knows bullying is wrong but few would intervene on their own.

Right now, Vladimir Putin is bullying Ukraine. And no one dares to confront him militarily  (Ukraine being the victim notwithstanding). Foreign aids are being sent to Ukraine. But no troops. Perhaps, it is due to abundance of caution considering the nuclear weapons Putin holds.

But the point is still the same – fear.

So what do we do? Usually if a higher “authority” is available, we can seek their intervention. Otherwise, the remediation falls back to us. One option is to collectively isolate the perpetrators – don’t play with the bullies – until they recognize & correct  their misbehavior.

For Russia this translates to economic sanctions, business boycotts, and denial of services.  And to make the strategy work, the majority need to act collectively to draw repentance from the perpetrator.

Any suggestions on how to take on a bully?

2022.03.08 Update – 250 companies have pulled out of Russia

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