Week In Review – 10 Apr 2022

Amidst the protracted Coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine War, we got a glimmer of hope this week: Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate to be the next US Supreme Court Justice, and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine morphed into phase 2, much to his chagrin.

Looming large is the inflation on top of everything. The earlier discussions of any “recovery” has gone quiet and vanished from public dialogue. The outlook seems pessimistic.  Easy to our senses  and directions in times like this among all the uncertainties.

Maybe “be kind” is not on the top of people’s mind. But if we want to forge our way ahead in facing the challenges, and recoveries, when the time comes, we need to work together. History has shown we survive through collaboration. And through love, instead of hate, we stand a better chance of saving our world.

Speaking of love, an easily overlooked area is our own body.  What an amazing ecosystem we inherited. It is working even when we are asleep. Behoove us to heed the signals from within which is body intelligence (BQ).  It will help us connect to the moment and each others (including animals).  My visit to the animal farm was an example of such discovery. 

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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