Week In Review – 24 Jul 2022

Global warming is here, no longer a scientific prediction.  We have record breaking temperatures melting runway, collapsing roof, and burning forest among other mishaps. When this trend continues, threats to agriculture and food security are inevitable.

Guess what? Covid pandemic is till here. Even President Biden, double vaccinated and boosted, has been infected by the Covid-19 BA.4/5.  No joke, the White House is one of the most secure workplaces. Imagine how does your in-person policy compares.

Yes, it’s an uncertain time we’re in, but no need to fret. This too shall pass. So choose your action mindfully. For example, I am not training for any race because it’s too stressful under the circumstances. I rather enjoy my run whenever and choose other worthwhile activities such as working at the poll with my time.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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