Where Did My Mojo Go?


Ever being sapped by lethargy?  You would know that feeling: eyes can’t stay open; couch is your best friend and doubles ass a day bed; and if there were a competition between me and a rock to see who can sit still, I win hands down.

It’s January.  Chilly wind sweeps over the salt treated road.  Windchill glazes a touch of over-spray on the asphalt.  The air is dry enough to make the skin crack and itchy. Hibernating should be legal and not just for the animals.

I know what you are thinking – snuggle up with a warm blanket and a good book.  Sounds wonderful but no good for the reasons stated.  Stuff mouth with comfort foods, in the name of extra energy, only adds to the drag and makes the couch cushions sink deeper.

And it is only January!

Does the wintry weather affect you? How do you recover from it?

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2 Responses to Where Did My Mojo Go?

  1. The past 2 days have been unusually cold here, for you would feel like spring. But my body isn’t used to this kind of weather anymore, so I moved my workouts to mid afternoon because I can’t be bothered to go out at 7am and deal with the cold and humidity.


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