Making Weather Political?

Biggest storm to hit the Northeast creates messy commute” reads the Associated Press headline.  It went on to say, “Commuters faced windblown snow and slick highways, numerous accidents were reported and more than 3,000 flights were canceled.”

Wow, what a terrible travel day, thinking to myself, and somehow this storm spared Washington D.C. all together.

Yes, here at the nation’s capital, it is blisteringly cold, and gusty wind has been rattling windows and doors. But the only snow we had is a glimpse of it during mid morning before it was all blown away.  Consider ourselves lucky.

Next, what caught my eyes, if scroll to the bottom of the AP report, was the divisive comments to the post.  Specifically, how quickly they turned political and acrimonious. References to global warming, Blue state liberal, and other finger pointing or name calling quickly filled the screen.

Maybe the anonymity of online commenting emboldens people to show their true colors and speak their mind.  Maybe people are still seething from the unprecedented election outcome.  Or maybe people are mad about the weather, election and each other.

But doesn’t common decency dictate that just because we can does not mean we should?

Do you feel the divide, emotional, political or otherwise?

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