Day 2 Week 8 – A Gorgeous Day

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4 miles easy pace + 6 strides, sunny & 65 degree

The sun ray was coming through the window shade, I thought best apply suntan lotion in preparation for today’s run.  But the sun was gentle, caressing my face as I started my run this morning.  Looking ahead, I saw my shadow running in front of me.

A cool soothing breeze along the way wiped the world’s troubles off my mind.  All I could think of was what a gorgeous day!  Not just for running, but any outdoor venues like gardening, picnicking, car washing.   You name it.

How I wished I could bottle this day up and save it for a raining day.  But instead, I slowed my pace and  took in a couple deep meaningful breathes.  Let myself soaking in this rare treat.  And perhaps some yard work after the run would be the choice.

How is your day weather-wise?

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