Week In Review – 27 Mar 2022

With the Coronavirus and Ukraine war, lots of negative emotions are occupying our space. Whether it’s the media or mental space, the negative moods are pervasive.  Which can  weigh individuals down and wear people out. How can one maintain a good life in spite of the nagativities?

Before addressing that question, lets first take a look at where we are on these two events.

The US is at a pandemic lull right now. All of its 50 states have lifted the mask mandate. Sounds promising, right? Not so fast. The Covid-19 BA.2 variant is coming.  Meanwhile, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has entered its second month. Gallant resistance by the Ukrainian people is forcing the war into a stalemate. But the situations on the ground is bleak.

Many Americans have reacted to the pandemic by exiting the large cities for less dense neighborhoods according to Census Bureau data. And 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced by the war with 3.5 million fled to neighboring countries. Both of these cases  have impacts that we don’t fully comprehend. 

Historically, peace and prosperity came from stable society.  How does it happen? Between the liberal democratic principle of majority rule and protection of minority rights and the autocratic dominance of a benevolent dictator, I believe the former stands a better chance. In other words, Putin needs to be stopped.

Lastly, a word on the soleus pain.  Apparently that calf injuries increase dramatically as male athletes got older according to the RunnersConnect. Because men rely  more on its fast-twitching muscle for power, and “aging selectively weakens the fast-twitch muscle.” The solution is calf strengthening exercise.

 Stay safe & have a nice week.


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