Hope Reified

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If we just hope things will get better, that hope rings hollow. We are passive at the mercy of external forces. Things may get better or worse. Either way, we are the recipients and not the masters. We are not in control.

A more proactive approach is what Brenee Brown called that hope is a function of struggle. Through struggles, we bring ourselves closer to realizing our hope. Or not. Either way, we invest ourselves and are active in control.

The proactive type of hopes liberate people. It provides meaning and a sense of purpose. But you maybe wondering, what about the collective challenges like the Coronavirus, Ukraine war, and inflation? What can we do with them as individuals? 

No need to despair. We can invest IN ourselves, especially when the struggle seems out of reach. This is when we need to go inward into our bodies. Reach deep to our innermost being.  Because that is where the  struggle reifies. And from there, the seeds of our hope grow.

Are you hopeful?


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