Don’t Worry?

“Don’t worry,” I tell myself, but it only makes me worry more. It is like saying don’t think the color Green.  Whether you want to or not, the color Green becomes part of your subconscious. Can’t get rid of it.

“Maybe,” I rationalize after realizing the inevitable, “worrying can help me mentally prepare, rehearse, and be more ready.”  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I am being productive through worrying.

Deep down, I know that is not true.  The energy wasted on worrying exacts a toll. It takes my attention away from the present, whatever I should be focusing on.  And the remote possibility of events turning out as I have mentally construed is next to nil.

So besides pitying myself, what can I do? Below are three foods for thought:

  1. Staying in the present – focus on the here and now.  So to fend off worrying about something in the future, especially something that I can’t do anything about like whether it will snow next week.
  2. Planning ahead – schedule important events well in advance to allow time for preparation.  This way I avert last minute crunch or incurring opportunity costs (e.g. no room for contingencies).
  3.  Taking decisive action – move with a sense of purpose. It gives direction and allows efficient execution.  Even in uncertainty, motion can create emotion such as confidence. It helps to ward off worrying.

How do you deal with worrying?

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