Day 2 Week 1 – 2019 Training Strategy Overview

28 minutes (approx. 3 miles), sunny & mid 50s.

Today’s forecast has high temp in the 80s.  On days like this, I run early to avoid the heat and ultraviolet rays. And as a general rule, I prefer running early than late.  Who knows I may be just too tired later. 

On this first week of my marathon training, I start easy by getting my legs used to running everyday or almost everyday.   I then ramp up my weekly mileage gradually, +10% each week with a “down-week” break after every 4 weeks.  I can get up to 50+ mile a week at the peak.

The Base run mentioned above builds my aerobic endurance.  Then I develop my lactate threshold by track work running tempo intervals,  400 and 800 repeats.  Where I push my run intensity close to my lactate threshold and condition my body to the faster paces.

The third phase is marathon specific training.  It will include hill works, pace runs, and the one area I definite want to improve: fast finish.  If done right, my body should be in top shape when I complete this phase.       

I am also working on some refinements off the road as well.  They are: 1) regular sleep schedule, 2) consistent nutrition without midnight snacking, and 3) improving hip flexibility.  I will be sharing my progress on these fronts as well in the future.

Are you satisfied with your training plan? 

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