Week In Review – 1 Nov 2020

The plot thickens as 3 days remaining to the US election. A clear outcome will most likely take longer to reveal.  Greater voter turnout, pre-election  and mail-in voting, plus the Covid-19 pandemic all play into the suspense.  Better than reality television?

Joking aside, many lives (1.2 M worldwide/ 230K US) and life events are being sacrificed in the wakes of the pandemic. Couldn’t help but wonder that is 2020 the new normal or the transition?  The Halloween yesterday is a clear example of reduced face-to-face contacts resulting from social distancing.

Many blame the poor responses from the state as the culprit to the increasing infections. But the governments can’t do it alone. We as consumers of life must take personal responsibility and work together in solving this public health crisis.

News of the surges in second or third wave of this pandemic serves a clear sign that no policy short of vaccine will work. Lock-down is extreme and difficult to execute in a country like the US.  Is there a better alternative?  I sincerely hope so.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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