Week In Review – 3 Jul 2022

On Sundays, I summarize my posts from the week. It is a ritual for me to pause, reflect, and organize. Try not let time flee from me or things become a blur. But in a way, this week felt like we’re still reeling from the ripple effect from the week prior.

For instance, the rulings by the Supreme Court that turned the country topsy-turvy are stirring up feelings of law and disorder where confusion reigns at all levels. Some of the basic beliefs like the separation of Church and State are being called into questions.

Trying to make sense out of the chaos, I asked myself: does it ring true?  More often than not, the answers were no. Politics seemed to be the motivating factors. And the blame goes to the Biden Administration and his Democrats for failing the moments.

The midterm election is only a handful of months away. If the Dems don’t get their acts together quickly, the problems we’re facing may become normalized. A scary thought. Better stick with my fresh fruit and vegetables for now.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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