Day 3 Week 18 – Dress Rehearsal Sunday

Trial race for my Fall Marathon


Marathon Training

58 min (6 mi), sunny & 72 degree

Dress Rehearsal

This Sunday I have a trial race – the Annapolis 10 miler.  Trial race serves many purposes but foremost as a dress rehearsal for the big race.  It is opportunity to check on equipment, gears, fitness, fueling, race day strategy, etc.  You get the idea.

Given Erie Marathon is two weeks later, the A-10 is as close to the real thing as can be, only shorter.  And the A-10  is not an easy course.  It has hills and bridges.  Combining with  the August heat & humidity, the race is a realistic measure of my marathon fitness level.

So this week, I am simulating the tapering before the marathon.  Reducing my volume of running to get the legs ready, resting as much as possible. and mentally rehearsing the race day strategy.  I feel quite calm.  No sign of jitters.  Not yet anyway.  

Do you use trial race to prepare yourself? 

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