Day 5 Week 18 – Cyber Insecurity

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Marathon Training

30 min (3 mi) recovery run, overcast & 71 degree

Cyber Insecurity

Received a letter from my insurance company notifying me of a data breach involving my personal data on-file.  The letter offered a two-year Identification monitoring option. This is not the first incident I have experienced. Thus I am not losing sleep over it.

But, my reaction is a telltale sign of the problem – companies need to do better with their cyber security

Incidents of data breach have become common occurrences. Their news are reaching skull numbing, tune deafening level. Despite caution through individual vigilance, as the letter I received advises, companies are woefully lacking in keeping up their cyber security.

Not the least, companies are monetizing our personal data for marketing and other profit revenues.  Safeguarding these data is essential to their business interest, and affects their financial bottom line.   It’s inexcusable that their cyber security is not better.

From a customer’s perspective, the issue is trust, or lack of it.  Imaging why would I keep on depositing money if my bank can not prevent the money from being stolen?  Personal data are as valuable, if not more, as money.

Unfortunately, this type of incidents happens way too frequent and at all levels of business, big or small.  We hear only about the big ones. 

Besides shaking our heads, what can we as do?   




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