Week In Review – 26 Mar 2023

With the arrival of spring equinox this past Monday, weather in Washington DC is getting warm almost by the days. For those following the cherry blossom news this week is the peak period. Soon, the cold and dark winter that I loathed will be a distant memory.

So, one would guess that things are looking up for me? However, my acceptance of this transition has been reluctant.  Frankly, I am surprised by the rapid warm up here and confused by the snow in Los Angeles. What is the world coming to?

Besides the weather, a similar unpredictability looms over the economy. Both at home and around the world. Who would have thought the banks going under and the digital currency market crashing? Is this another bubble due to investors irrational exuberance?

While not understand a lot of these happenings, this much I do know. When the bubble bursts and the market crashes, it will not be pretty.  It is like watching China playing politics, I can only hope these people know what they are doing. Because we are all connected.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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