Day 1 Week 19 – Post A-10 Reflection

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Marathon Training

40 min recovery jog, pleasant & 71 degree

Post A-10 Reflection

With the Annapolis 10 miler now behind me, Erie Marathon is in my crosshairs. However, before I dive into the marathon, a few thoughts from yesterday’s race are worthy noting.

I ran the A-10 with a negative split, the same strategy I planned and trained for the Erie Marathon. The difference between the 10 miler and the marathon will be the intensity of my executions.

I started A-10 with my ideal marathon pace of 8.12, pushed myself to go faster in subsequent miles, and finished with a pace of 7.20, which was faster than my tempo interval pace.  Looking back, I could not have pushed myself any harder nor any faster based on my training.

For the Erie marathon, my strategy will be dialing back my pace to 8.30 at the start and maintaining my race at 8.22 for the first half. And gradually increasing my pace toward the finish for the negative splitting. Because the marathon is a longer endurance race, I must allocate my energy accordingly.

If successful, I will have a marathon time equal or better than my last year’s which is my goal.

Between speed and endurance events which do you prefer?

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